Clio Peppait


Clio Peppiatt is a London based Womenswear Designer. After graduating from Ravensbourne University with a degree in Fashion Print and Womenswear she launched her label in 2014.

Clio Peppiatt has been featured in leading fashion and lifestyle publications such as I-D, Elle and Grazia and worn by key style influencers including Susanna Lau. In August 2015 Clio was comissioned to design Charli XCX’s American Tour outfits with stylist Louby Mcloughlin.

In 2015, Clio co-curated ‘Female Matters’ a hugely successful group exhibition with Ione Gamble of Polyester Zine to cleverly raise awarness of FGM whilst celebrating the new rise of the female artist.

Her collections are instantly indentifiable through their intricate hand appliqués, illustrative embroidery and an underlying tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

Clio explores themes of modern day femininity in her work with the aim of creating unique and individual clothing to make women feel happy, bold and fearless.

  • What would the you of now tell yourself 10 years ago?

Don’t worry about fitting in or fulfilling anyone’s idea of how you SHOULD be. Difference is always something to be celebrated.